What is Not Another Fashion Blog?

Welcome to my personal blog, Not Another Fashion Blog!

Is it really another kind of fashion blog? Well, let me explain myself: this is not a fashion blog really. I’m not gonna speak about what I’m wearing, which trends you should be sticking to right now, what clothes did that celeb wear, or even worse, who wore better whatever. I think there’s still too much attention paid on women’s appearance and competition, and that’s both tiring and harmful.


I don’t believe the way I look should be important at all. I don’t feel the way women look should matter at all. And, as I really love to write, I found the best way to say that was with a personal blog. But you won’t find me talking about this every day. Actually, as I enjoy so many things in life, there are many topics I will speak about, but in particular, they can be summed up in Art (photography, illustration, etc.), Mass Media, Health or even my life itself (Diary, Guide to Life).

Enjoy 🙂

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