Who am I?

That’s a secret I’ll never tell. LOL Sorry, it was there for the taking (too many hours spent watching Gossip Girl when I was twenty )!

My name’s Rocío (in English, it means “morning dew”, so poetic), and I come from Valencia, Spain. I’m a 28-year-old creativity passionate, I love anything creative! That’s why I spend my time writing, drawing or taking photos (and also, at the gym powerlifting). As I like too many things and I couldn’t decide, I went for languages at uni and did a Degree in German Studies. After that, I tried to be an MFL teacher, but as I wasn’t happy and I didn’t have a true vocation, I was sincere with myself and did my mental health a favour: I quitted. I was still young to change my life! So I did.

After that, I began a Degree in Communication: Journalism + Audio-visual Communication + Advertising (which I’ve already completed with honours ) and while finishing it I took 30 credits of a Master’s degree in Graphic Design this last course. How I managed my time to do everything? I don’t know. I guess I’m a very organised and creative soul, you see. Now my student life has come to an end, I combine writing this blog with working in digital marketing; and even I’m specialised in content and social media, in the past I have even worked as a freelance photographer or as a junior graphic designer (I’m so versatile you should hire me right now).

So, the last thing I can say about me is I love animals and should you ask me where I see myself in ten (or even five) years, I would tell you without hesitation: surrounded by dogs, guinea pigs and maybe also little pigs. That’s important.

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